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Test Point Fittings


test point fittingsThe health of your hydraulic system is vital to the health of your business. Regular and consistent monitoring of your hydraulic system can extend equipment life, reduce downtime for repairs and maintenance, and improve productivity. Anchor Fluid Power carries an extensive inventory of test point fittings, gauge adapters, hoses, and kits to make monitoring your systems easy and efficient. Test point adapters allow you to connect gauges simply and safely to your hydraulic systems to monitor and measure their performance. By using high-quality test point equipment supplied by Anchor Fluid Power, you can: 

  • Easily monitor pressure in your hydraulic system without shutting down.
  • Quickly detect problems in the system including leaking seals, faulty valves, clogged filters, and worn-out pumps and motors.
  • Swiftly attach gauges and hoses without tools while the system is under pressure.
  • Effectively vent/bleed your hydraulic system.
  • Draw fluid samples to identify or measure contamination.
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    Test Point Features


    Anchor Fluid Power provides high-performance, long-lasting test point fittings, adapters, connectors, hoses and kits ideal for use in a wide variety of industries, including steel mills, lifting equipment, hydraulic presses, construction equipment, oil and gas and any applications that rely on hydraulic systems. Anchor Fluid Power’s test point equipment offer a host of features and options: 

  • Piston-style or ball-style check valve functions available
  • Constructed of either stainless steel or zinc nickel plated carbon steel, which offers exceptional resistance to corrosion.
  • O-rings that seal the protective metal cap to prevent contamination and keep the connection secure during vibration.

 Test Point Fittings & Gauge Adapters

TPPM Series Piston Test PointsLearn More » This series features: 9000 Max PSI, zinc plated carbon steel or stainless steel construction, a buna or viton seal, and has various threads available.
PGAM Series - Direct Pressure Gauge AdaptersLearn More » Series features include: Zinc plated carbon steel or stainless steel construction, a Buna or Viton seal, and various threads available.
HCM Series - Hose to Hose ConnectorsLearn More » The features for this series include: Carbon steel construction, 1.65 length, and two M16 threads.
THM Series - Test HosesLearn More » Features of this series include: 9000 max PSI, carbon steel or stainless-steel construction, series is zinc nickel plated, and there are standard and custom lengths available.
TPK Series - Test Point Kits 
Learn More »
Comprehensive group of test point gear that includes: ¼” NPT, 3000 & 10000 PSI pressure gauge, 12” & 79” test hose, M16 X M16 hose to hose adapter, ¼” NPT Direct Pressure Gauge Adapter, 7/16-20 UNF SAE thread Direct Pressure Gauge Adapter, 7/16-20 & 9/16-18 UNF SAE test point, and more!


Manufacturing Fittings & Adapters

test point gauge & adaptersAnchor Fluid Power is your perfect hydraulic connection partner. Supplying high-performance, long-lasting ball valves, quick couplings, weld couplings, flow control valves, flange adapters, port flanges and test points that meet and exceed your exacting specifications and requirements.

Anchor Fluid Power has the experience, equipment, and expertise to provide the exact connection solution you need.

Customer Experience

  • Deliver superior customer service– our company was founded on this core value and we practice it each and every day. 


  • Maintain an immense inventory of hydraulic connection components – no one stocks as many items in as many varieties as we do. 
  •  Utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery – we fully implement quality control procedures to create consistent, conforming, machined components.
  • Ensure prompt delivery across the globe – with three North American locations, orders are filled and shipped efficiently and effectively.


  • Provide unparalleled technical support – we are the global experts in hydraulic connections Formulate customized solutions – can’t find what you need in our vast on-hand selection? No problem. Anchor Fluid Power’s dedicated, trained professionals work closely with you to develop, design and deliver the exact connection solution you need.
  • ISO 9001, AS9100D and ISO 45001 certified.

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