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End Fittings Reference Chart

Many end fitting styles are available for Walther couplings because of the modular construction design. Most of the common fitting styles are listed here, and others are available to order.


Fitting Type Walther Code Description Part Number Page
BSPP WR British Standard Pipe, Parallel Very common general purpose European fitting. Inch sized threads.
BSPP form B WB British Standard Pipe, Parallel with small sealing shoulder, form B Variant of BSPP used for high pressure. BSP form B
Ermeto (EO) L (Light)
S (Heavy)
Ermeto, or EO, to DIN 2353. Popular European fitting for hydraulics. Uses ferrule and swivel nut. Metric threads. Available in Light & Heavy versions. Ermeto
DIN 7631 D DIN 7631 Metric male thread with female cone to connect to hose with swivel nut. DIN 7631
DIN/ISO 228 or BS 5200 VR0 DIN & ISO 228, BS5200 BSPP male thread with female cone to connect to hose with swivel nut. ISO 228
Hose bar SL Hose barb, for hose & clamp Sized by the parallel portion of the barb. Hose barb
Tube barb SW Barb for plastic tube, with nut, for small bores. Hose barb & nut
NPT NP National Pipe thread, Tapered Most common connection in the USA. NPT
SAE J1926 SA SAE straight thread (ISO 11926) Unified straight thread, sealed by an 'O'-ring. SAE
JIC LH JIC, or SAE J514 37°Flare Popular for hydraulics, especially connecting to hoses with a swivel nut. JIC
'Autoclave' XX... See HP-004 & HP-006 Series couplings Cone type fitting for very high pressures. 1/4" AE High Pressure