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Anchor Fluid Power specializes in providing an extensive range of reliable hydraulic connection and valve solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of industries that utilize hydraulic systems. Our product offering features a broad range of components necessary for fluid power control and transmission.  Some of the items we offer include high pressure hydraulic flanges, split flange adapters, weld & quick couplings, suction & return line fittings, diagnostic test point adapters and hoses, inline flow control, needle, check and ball valves.  These components are designed to provide secure, leak-free connections as well as reliable performance in some of the industries’ most demanding conditions. 

Anchor Fluid Power’s commitment to providing superior quality and customer service supports our goal to remain a leading supplier to our customers in industries such as automotive, material handling, tube bending, power generation, steel manufacturing & steel processing, hydraulic presses, plastic injection, shipbuilding, wind power, offshore and subsea oil & gas, agricultural and construction machinery.  Our superior product quality ensures optimal performance and minimal downtime and maintenance.  Our superior customer service ensures we are able to supply the product our valued customers need, when they need it.  Whether that be a standard component or a custom engineered design unique to their application, our goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations remains the same.

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