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Self-Sealing & Clean Break Couplings

Self-Sealing Couplings

Self-sealing couplings use self-sealing components on both the coupling (female half) and the adapter (male half) to create a highly effective and reliable connection. These couplings as used to transfer liquids and vapors and provide a safe, fast, and leak free connections.

Our manual couplings are offered in a multitude of different material types and finishes, we have couplings fit for high temperature, heat transfer, high pressure hydraulic applications and more. Some of the special manual couplings we offer include:

Clean Break Couplings

Anchor Fluid Power offers clean break couplings which are available in a wide variety of end fitting sizes and are available with both high and low pressure capabilities. These couplings offer a high flow rate and minimal leakage when disconnecting.   

These couplings are suitable for chemical, water, fuel, oil or gas applications and more! Some of the manual clean break couplings we offer includes:

For more information on the special manual couplings that we provide or their capabilities, contact us today