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Walther Part Numbering System


Modular Construction System

Virtually all Walther couplings use modular construction. Self-sealing couplings and nipples use interchangeable ends, allowing a very wide range of end fittings.

The Walther Part Number System

Walther part numbers are long, but very descriptive. All of the information on most couplings is contained in the various groups of the part number, which are separated by dashes "-" .

For example:

SeriesBore (mm) Product typeEnd Fitting ThreadMaterialSeal materialOptions
LP - 006 - 0 - WR 0 21 - 01 - 2 -OV -SI -Z60


The Series is a general family or group of couplings that share certain design similarities. For example, the "LP" Series is a family of general purpose low pressure couplings. See the Couplings Index for a complete list of the available series.


This is the ID (flow diameter) of the coupling in mm.

Product Type

Principle product types are:

Product CodeImage Product
0 dash0.jpg (15929 bytes) Self-sealing Coupling (Female half of coupling set, with valve)
1 dash1.jpg (14577 bytes) Thru-type nipple (Male half of coupling set, not designed to have a valve)
2 dash2.jpg (16180 bytes) Self-sealing nipple (Male half of coupling set, with valve)
4 dash4.jpg (15125 bytes) Thru-type coupling (Female half of coupling set, not designed to have a valve)
5 dash5.jpg (11370 bytes) Dust cap for nipples
6 dash6.jpg (14511 bytes) Dust plug for couplings

End Fitting Thread

There are three parts to this group:

    This defines the type of end fitting, for example BSPP (WR), NPT (NP), JIC (LH), hose barb (SL) etc. For a list of fitting types see End Fittings
    Specifies whether the end fitting thread is male (O) or Female (5).
    Walther uses the actual OD or ID of the thread in mm to define the size. For example, the actual OD of a 1/2" NPT thread is 0.83" (21mm), so the size designation is 21.


This group defines the material that the coupling is made from. For example for the LP series zinc plated steel is 11, brass is 21, stainless steel is 01, etc. Material codes are not the same for different Series - check the complete part number table for the specific coupling.

Seal Material

Standard seal materials are:
Nitrile (1)
Viton (2)
EPDM (4)
FFKM (5)

Other materials are available, and will be completely specified in a detailed part number table for that specific coupling.Please note, while we may suggest a particular seal material, we highly recommend testing the seal to ensure the chemical resistance and wear characteristics are compatible with your application.


Available options are listed at the end of the detailed part number table for each coupling and nipple. Popular options are:
Omit Valves: -OV
Ring Valves: -RV
Safety Locking Ring: -SI
Ring Grips: -GG

Special Part Numbers

As a leader in coupling technology, Walther makes a large number of "special" couplings and design variations. Special end fittings are generally given a non-intuitive XX... designation.

Special combinations of body and seal materials are given a non-intuitive letter combination from AAAA to ZZZZ.A ZXX (e.g. -Z60) at the end of a special part number indicates that the part will mate with the standard part of that size from the same series. For example, an HP-006-0-NP517-12-1-Z60 is a special part that will mate with a standard HP-006-2 or HP-006-1.

A YXX (e.g. Y01) indicates that it is a special part that will not mate with a standard.