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Walther Quick Connect Couplings

Subsea Quick Couplings

Walther Quick Connect couplings are used in a variety of applications for maintenance and downtown conservation when used in equipment. Quick connect couplings, also known as quick disconnect fittings, are operated by hand and are couplings used to provide a fast connection of fluid transfer lines. These quick connect couplings are arranged in a number of series or 'families' of couplings with each series sharing distinctive features and characteristics. Within each series are variations of size, materials, seals, end fittings, options etc. Maxbar supplies standard manual couplings, dry break manual couplings and quick connect couplings for specific applications including subsea, medical and more.

Walther features a modular construction system, so that many end fittings are available for each size and type of coupling.

The Walther part number system is long, but very descriptive.

Manual Couplings: StandardQuote » The range of standard manual couplings includes a very wide selection of hand-operated couplings ranging from 1/8" to 2-1/2", available in different materials, seal grades and different connections. Working pressures vary from 150psi to 29,000psi depending on type and size.
Manual Couplings: Dry BreakQuote » Dry break couplings connect with minimal air inclusion and disconnect with minimal spillage, in some cases leaving just wet surfaces. Dry beak couplings are available for liquids with good lubricity such as oil, and for liquids with poor lubricity such as chemicals and solvents.
For Automated SystemsQuote » Walther offers a number of couplings designed for automated systems, both for fluids and electrics. These vary from small high-pressure units for high-speed operation to 4" flanged connections for high flow. Complete systems are a specialty, with couplings mounted on carrier plates.
Application Specific ServicesQuote » Couplings and entire systems are available for specific applications, such as subsea control systems, engine testing, robotics, aerospace, medical applications, high pressure hydrogen fuel etc.